Christmas To-Do List

December 12, 2007 at 8:08 pm Leave a comment

Christmas is a busy time of year isn’t it.  Its a very different kind of busy to what Christmas was like when I was working – I had various Christmas functions to go to, and our office celebrated with ‘cringling’ where you would draw a colleagues name out of a hat and decorate their office in secret!

One year a colleague ‘snow-bombed’ my offices full of polystyrene bean bag filling, which created a wonderful effect but drove me nuts as I hate mess and always had a clear desk. Of course, driving me nuts was the plan.

I like to keep my to-do list on my fridge, and I usually write a new one weekly (or whenever the need arrives). I also keep a ‘master to do list’ in my planner, so the items I put on my fridge list are ones I truly intend to do in the next week.

But for the three weeks or so leading up to Christmas, I have kept a bigger list on my fridge, which has everything I want to get done between now and the big day.

My list looks like:

  • make an appointment for waxing
    – post NZ Christmas cards
    make chocolate cupcakes for Mainly Music Xmas party
  •  make a hair appointment
  • – find cheap ribbon for my mince pie gift boxes
    wrap all my presents
  • – shop for punch and mince pie ingredients
  • – make mince pies
  • – make gingerbread loaf for coffee group end of year morning tea
  • – make chocolate tart for pre Christmas barbeque we are going to
    – make said mince pies
    – buy ingredients for Christmas punch (which can be assembled on the day)
    – make dough in breadmaker and shape into ciabatta style loaves and freeze them for Christmas day

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