Left-over Love

December 29, 2007 at 12:54 am Leave a comment

Hands up who has a tonne of left-overs from all the Christmas festivities?

Our 4 days of Christmas mayhem, where we had at least lunch and dinner out or with people every day is over and thank goodness for that I have to say. Not that I want to be bah-humbug about Christmas, I adore every glass of bubbles, slice of ham and every mince pie topped with Nigella Lawson’s fabulous rum butter.

But I’m proud to say that I have used up all the left overs now, bar the large hunk of ham that will continue to provide sandwiches for lunch, and probably a couple of meals of fettucine carbonara as well.  And we haven’t even cut into the Christmas cake that MIL makes every year – I have been saving that until the more perishable items were consumed.

 The meal plan was cast aside to mean that I could be very flexible, and somewhat unusual in meals. So felafels with sour cream became a rather tasty 4.00pm snack, and last night’s dinner combined lamb cutlets, a potato salad of left over boiled potatoes tossed in the whipped cream left over from the blueberry cake and some bought mayonnaise, and a quirky salad. All this with a little spicy pork on the side for luck.

 But now with all the toys packed away, and the cards and wrap bought for next year at the wonderful 50% off sales, and the left-overs eaten up I feel – well – shattered! I think the only thing for it is a nice nap on the couch while my dear daughter sleeps.


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