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 I’ve never been much of an outdoors girl. I quit netball in primary school when they made us play in the rain. I faked a cold just in time for every school camp I could manage. Just the sight of grass causes me to sneeze, my eyes to water and my feet and hands develop unsightly hives.  

Nonetheless, I’ve always made an exception for the beach. I love the sand, I love the sea, I love the sun. I can happily spend hours playing in the surf, reading a book in the sun (covered with sunscreen of course), playing appalling beach volleyball or beach cricket. Some of my happiest childhood memories were at the beach.  Wanting darling daughter to have the same love of the sea, and wonderful memories of beach holidays leaves me with a difficult decision – do I bankrupt us renting a holiday home on the beach, or up the dosage on my anti-histimines and try the unthinkable – camping!

Bearing in mind the single-income-budget-of-doom, we opted for the latter, and with borrowed gear headed to the beach for a camping holiday.  I’m pleased to report that it was far far better than I expected, and I’m itching to go back. 

For me, the surprise of camping is that it is not just a poor mans beach holiday, but rather that paring back life to its simplest form leaves so much time for just “being”. When you have an incredibly active 14 month old, that time is bliss. Darling daughter got our time, and lots of it. We had nothing else to do, no where else to be …. One morning, for over an hour both we played on a very small patch of sand with her, both of us. Hubby dozed, I collected shells, Darling daughter put said shells in and out of her bucket. Another afternoon we played for ages at the edge of the estuary, splashing and wading around.  When it was time for her to sleep we walked her along the beach and around the campsite. We ate every meal outside. We slept three-in-an-airbed (a not to be repeated experience) listening to the waves just metres from our tent. My biggest concern was making sure she had enough sunscreen on.  

You know what … maybe there is outdoors girl in me after all.  


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