Creating nurturing environments for children

January 25, 2008 at 8:38 am 2 comments

I have just read a wonderful article by the fabulous Pam Leo that came out today in the Natural Child Project newsletter.

It coincided with a thread in my AP bookgroup on creating home environments for children, so this has been a topic very much front of my mind this week.

I try very hard to create a wonderful environment for my darling daughter, with beautiful things, child friendly spaces, positive affirming friends and family, and rituals that she can come to rely on.

But I can’t always control the environment, phsycially or otherwise.

The houses of people who have never had kids are usually a big challenge. But,  I am learning to be more assertive in asking for what she needs. Bringing lots of fun toys, asking for furniture to be temporarily moved to create barriers, and moving breakables out of her sight might not make us the easiest guests to have around, but at least we don’t leave a trail of carnage in our wake.

What can be much harder is protecting her from negative people, and emotionally unsafe envrionments. I feel very blessed that our closest friends are all wonderful parents who treat their children and ours with respect, kindless and love. It hasn’t all been easy – we have already moved away from one group of friends because the mother is awful to her children, and I won’t hesitate to do that again.

Sometimes though destructive envrionments crop up where you least expect them. I got caught out the other day though, in a new swimming class we went to. The instructor took darling daughter to show her a new technique and darling daughter cried loudly. When I said ‘give her back to me, she’s upset’ the instructor said ‘she’s not that upset, they are not real tears’. I was horrified, and took darling daughter back commenting that she was very upset from what I could see. I felt like a ridiculously over-protective mother, and no doubt I’ll feel even more so when I have words with the swim school on Monday!

 Sometimes its really hard to stand up for our children.  But if I take seriously the task of creating safe and nurturing envrionments for her, its part of the job.


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  • 1. planningqueen  |  January 27, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    The challenge and balance of protecting children never ends. I think supporting yourself with close friends who are aligned to your parenting style is the best way to go. Then negative behaviour/environments become only a minority occurrence.

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