A nurturing environment – my plans for the front garden

February 7, 2008 at 11:33 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking a lot about creating nurturing environments for children, and what I can do to continue to create a wonderful environment for Munchkin to grow up in.

 Its actually inspired some really practical changes at our house – the old splintery deck is being pulled up and replaced with child friendly wood instead, and will create a completely safe outdoor space for play.  Munchkin’s favourite place is anywhere outdoors, and I want to create a beautiful garden with plants and flowers to look at, some interesting windchimes (if DH will go for it), some kind of water feature,  spaces to climb, and places to dig, and quite spots to sit in the shade and read a book. I want to create the kind of outdoor space that would be at home in the most beautiful Steiner or Montessori school, but of course, time and money constraints will make this a challenge.

 I mention Steiner and Montessori in the same breath, because all though parents often fall into one camp or the other, there are actually a lot of similarities in the two philosophies. One of the similarities that strikes me is the importance they place on providing children with beautiful physical envrionments. Meticulous order, natural materials, quality and craftsmanship all mark the ideal environment in either a Waldorf/Steiner or Montessori school.

 So, I plan to visit a few Montessori and Steiner schools around the traps over the next couple of months to gain some inspiration. If anyone has any great photos or ideas – please leave a comment – I’d love to see them!


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