AP in practice – an evening in progress

February 14, 2008 at 8:18 am Leave a comment

6.00pm Munchkin is fed and bathed, and given that she has  only had a ten minute nap all day and seems hysterical, I try to put her to bed.

                Think: mindful, calm mama – breathe in …. breathe out

6.10pm Munchkin still hysterical. Singing, rocking, patting …

6.12 pm Munchkin gets up and walks out of the room in search of Dad

      Right – Must remember: Breathe in … Breathe out

6.13pm Phone rings – a work call for mum

                Breathe out … breath out … breath out

6.45pm Munchkin still playing happily with dad but looking more and more tired. Dad suggests that it really must be time for Munchkin’s bed.

6.50pm In Munchkin’s bed. Read Mem Fox’s ‘Time for Bed’, stopping occassionally to insist Munchkin stays in bed. Did I say occassionally? I meant every page.

6.53pm After 2 warnings that the door will be closed if she doesn’t stay in her room (with mum who is still trying to read the story) Mum closes the door. Munchkin laughs!

             Faster now: Breathe in/Breath out/Breathe in/Breathout

7.05pm Breastfeeding and singning, Munchkin seems to be settling

         Mindful mama, Yogi mama …. Breathe in …. Breathe out

7.20pm Munchkin starts crying. Refuses the breast, refuses to be held. Sit there stroking her back and singing our little sleeping song over and over, while Munchkin thrashes around

7.28pm Munchkin asleep

              Who needs mindfulness: Things to do … cook dinner, eat dinner, where      are            those dishes …

7.58pm Munchkin awake and screaming. Attempt to resettle with pats and singing, but end up breastfeeding.

8.10pm Realising evening spiralling out of control try frantically to clean kitchen, hang out laundry, tidy house, close windows, make lunch, organise toys to go back to toy library …

8.25pm Munchkin awake again …. pats and singing do the trick this time

 8.40pm Finish washing toys, drink luke warm coffee, organise swimming gear for tomorrow, repack nappy bag, sort pile of paperwork … definately no time for mindfulness now …

8.55pm Munchkin awake again, and really screaming. Pats, singing, feeding, rocking …

breathe in …. breathe out

       breathe in … breathe out

                 breathe in …. breathe out

This too will pass.


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