Hurrah for nursery rhymes

February 23, 2008 at 8:18 am Leave a comment

Isn’t hurrah a delightful word? Its so very Enid Blyton … I can just imagine that I’m at some lovely country English boarding school about to embark on an adventure that involves ginger beer and cucumber sandwiches.

But I digress (of course). Singing is a big big part of our day chez DomesticallyBlissed, and that was before the Steiner playgroup. Now we sing pretty much all day long. We have songs for waking up, songs for nappy changes, songs for washing hands … you get the picture.

For those of you that have heard me sing, you’ll realise that all this singing is despite the fact that I have not so much as a skerrick of musical talent. In fact, I was asked to leave my intermediate school choir, so bad is my singing. I was so embarassed I really never even  sung in the shower after that.

Fortunately in Munchkin I have found a very appreciative audience, so my love for singing has returned. Which is all a very long introduction to link to this fabulous free electronic book I have discovered, while trying to find the words to ‘galoop went the little green frog’. This is a PDF file created by a UK based organisation, Books for Babies. It is beautifully illustrated and has the words to all sorts of lovely nursery rhymes.

By the way – it turns out there are several versions of ‘galoop went the little green frog’. In this booklet the green frog goes ‘Galumph’ which is wrong wrong wrong. Galoop is much bettter – and la-dee-dah is far superior to ‘tra-la-la’. But other than that, the booklet is lovely.


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