Nursery Rhymes

I have noticed that most days I get ‘hits’ from people googling various nursery rhyme lyrics, so I thought I would pop up a a page to record our favourite nursery rhymes. I can’t promise the lyrics are the correct ones, but this is how we sing them here at DomesticallyBlissed! I’ll add more as I get time.

I also love this PDF booklet of English Nursery Rhymes, a wonderful resource.  

Miss Polly had a dolly
Who was sick, sick, sick,
So she called for the doctor
To come quick, quick, quick;
The doctor came
With his bag and his hat,
And he knocked at the door
With a rat–tat-tat.
He looked at the dolly
And he shook his head,
And he said “Miss Polly,
Put her straight to bed.”
He wrote on a paper
For a pill, pill, pill,
“I’ll be back in the morning
With my bill, bill, bill.” 
Open, shut them. Open, shut them. Give a little clap. 

Open, shut themOpen, shut them.Lay them on your lap. 

Creep them, creep them,Creep them, creep them,Right up to your chin.Open up your little mouth,But do not let them in. 

Drop them drop them Drop them drop them  Right down to the ground Quickly pick them up again And roll them round and round. 

Shake them shake them Shake them shake themShake them just like this

Shake them shake themShake them Shake themBlow a little kiss!

 Galoop went the little green frog last night

Galoop went the little green frog

Galoop went the little green frog last night

And his eyes went gloop gloop gloop

And we all know frogs go la-de-dah-de-dah la-de-dah-de-dah,

And we all know frogs go la-de-dah-de-dah

And their eyes go gloop gloop gloop

Blessings on the blossoms,Blessings on the fruit,Blessings on the leaves and stemsand Blessings on the root.Spoken: Blessings on this meal” Morning has comeNight is awayRise with the sun … and Welcome the DayGood morning dear earth, Good morning dear sunGood morning dear stones, and flowers EveryoneGood morning dear beasts, and birds in the treesGood morning to you, and good morning to me.


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